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We are a team of over 40+ former IRS agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs spread across the nation. We are committed to resolving your IRS tax problems so you so you may breathe easier once again!

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Our Tax Resolution Process



One hour no obligation consultation where we will discuss the details of your case. 100% Free.



We will initiate client protection by becoming your legal representative. You will no longer need to speak to the IRS.



We will establish IRS compliance by filing any unfiled tax returns and achieve the best resolution possible.



Case closed. (Completed) Your IRS nightmare is over!

Our goal is to be be a physician to every IRS Tax Resolution and save penalties for nationwide audience.

Our team of IRS Agent, IRS Representatives, Tax Attorneys & CPA’s are spread nationwide and ready to take up your case.

We know what we do

You can trust us to help you with any IRS tax issue or concern. From audits and liens, to wage garnishments and seizures, we’ve done it all.

We’ll take care of everything

IRS Tax Resolution Experts will take care of all the legwork for you — from the initial meeting to the final resolution. You can rest easy knowing that your case is in good hands.

The best service at a fair price

We offer our services at a fair price, no hidden fees, no surprises, just quality service at an affordable rate.

Tax relief in all 50 states

We have offices across the country so we can help you no matter where you are. For those who cannot visit our office, we offer a simple and convenient way to get your taxes resolved with our online tax services.

Our Team of Experts!

With more than 200 years of cumulative IRS experience, we are the most skilled IRS Tax Resolution team in America!

MD. Sullivan

Former IRS Agent

Joe Hopkins
Joe Hopkins

CPA, MBA, Former CFO

Herb Cantor
Herb Cantor

CPA, Former Revenue Agent/ Appeal Agent

David Hoines
David Hoines

Civil/Criminal, Tax Attorney

Lucy Petry
Lucy Petry

Tax Attorney/CPA

Julie Lynch
Julie Lynch

Former IRS, Revenue Officer

Alysia Dahir
Alysia Dahir

Former IRS, Revenue Agent

Ed Babitzke
Ed Babitzke

Former IRS, Revenue Officer

Jackie Nguyen

Former IRS, Revenue Agent/TIGTA/EA

Clayton Cruse
Clayton Cruse

Attorney/ Crypto/ BitCoin/ NFT


EA, IRS Expert

Amit Chandel
Amit Chandel

CPA & Lead Tax Strategist

Meet our Partner

Partner & Former IRS Agent Mr. Michael Sullivan Addressing IRS Subjects on Different News Channels!

Mr. Michael Sullivan appeared on ABC Washington, The Briefing Room, and discussed the audit and release of Donald Trump’s tax returns.


IRS invested in Hiring 87,000 new IRS Agents, which has become the country’s most prominent news. Watch Michael Sullivan addressing this and sharing views on the National News channel – Newsmax!

Our Former IRS Agent and Team member Mr. Michael Sullivan discussed an order released in Aug’22 from the IRS not to send tax enforcers to audit households making less than $400,000 per year.

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